You approach a large and spacious window.  Fog and mist obstruct your view.  Through the wisps you manage to see what appears to be an expansive valley with a large structure of some sort in the distance.  You feel a tingling sensation all over your body as a flash of golden light surounds you.  The light condences to a small orb hovering a few paces from you.  The light is soft and welcoming making you feel at ease and relaxed.  A deep but comforting voice speaks through the orb.  It says,

“Dear traveler, I am Cindar, welcome to the outermost fringes of the kingdom of Erathar.  You are among the first to arrive and we, the dragons of this enchanted land welcome you.  We have created this space for those of you arriving ahead of schedule.  We are aware of your excitement and eagerness to meet us and we wish to assure you of the same as we prepare ouselves to receive you.  At the appointed time, the veil around our land will part and we will introduce ourselves to you.  In the meantime be calm and rested in this sacred space for others like yourself are already on their way and will join you soon.” 

The orb slowly fades away and you find a comfortable spot to rest and wait.

The veil parts on Friday, September 22nd at exactly 7pm. 

The dragons encourage you to sign up to the magical email group below and be among the first to be admitted to the kingdom.  Be well and stay tuned.








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