The dragon kingdom of Erathar is a legendary land ruled by powerful dragons. It is said to be located high in the mountains, hidden away from the eyes of mortals. The kingdom is a place of great beauty, with towering peaks and deep valleys, as well as a variety of other landscapes like forests and caves. The dragons that live in Erathar are powerful and wise, and they have ruled the kingdom for centuries. They are known for their great wealth, which they hoard in enormous treasure troves deep within their mountain lairs. They are also known for their fierce protectiveness of their kingdom and their subjects, who are said to be a diverse group of creatures, ranging from dragons to other mythical creatures. The kingdom of Erathar is a place of wonder and magic, a place where dragons soar through the skies and ancient legends come to life.

Soul Tomes is proud to bring you our signature collection of tomes based on this beautiful kingdom. 
Each tome features a majestic dragon from Erathar on the cover.  The reverse side of the book features that particular dragon’s story.  Collect them all!

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